About FaithBridge

By: Suzanne Martinez, Congregational Outreach Coordinator

Created in 2007, FaithBridge encourages interfaith communication, understanding, cooperation, spiritual practice and action. Through a variety of programs, gatherings, and educational opportunities, we bring people of differing traditions together to learn about each other's faiths, find common ground, and create something beautiful and unique that ties us all together as believing human beings. The organization was formed in Crystal Lake, Illinois and has grown to include many of the suburbs in McHenry, Lake and Kane Counties, as well as metropolitan Chicago.

Over the years, FaithBridge has sponsored a variety of activities, including an annual Prayer Breakfast on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, an I Have A Dream essay contest for local schools, an annual Community Thanksgiving Service, interfaith concerts, dialogue groups, prayer services after tragedies, and a class on interfaith understanding called Faith to Faith, Face to Face. New programming is always in process, including a new series of informal conversation gatherings in the "salon" style.