The Advocate Trauma Recovery Center

By: Victoria Smoter, Psy. D., Lead Clinical Psychologist

The Advocate Trauma Recovery Center (TRC) is a grant funded program that offers trauma-informed behavioral health and social services to survivors of intentional violence. The TRC is dedicated to providing high quality trauma-specific services to individuals ages 10 and older who have experienced an intentional trauma within the last three years and immediate family members of homicide victims, many of whom would not otherwise have access to specialized services to promote healing and regaining a sense of safety after experiencing these types of traumatic experiences. The TRC provides hybrid in-person, community based, and virtual services to survivors who are residents of eight counties in the Chicagoland area including: individual therapy, therapeutic and support groups, comprehensive case management and connection to social services, peer support, and short-term psychiatry services.

Our team members come from various backgrounds and disciplines including licensed clinical psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, psychiatrists, peer trauma outreach workers, and pre-licensed mental health trainees. The TRC’s interdisciplinary team approach allows us to coordinate service that best meet the individuals needs and highest priority services after experiencing trauma by meeting the individual where they are at and reducing barriers to receiving care.