Oncology at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital

By: Charlotte Dioguardi, RN, BSN, Manager

In our cancer program we offer services and activities to people diagnosed with cancer, as well as services for their families. Our associates work hard to make these programs special. It takes a tremendous amount of resources to serve the hundreds of cancer patients we see yearly, but the most important resource will always be the people who serve them. Good Shepherd Hospital is fortunate to have so many talented people dedicated to the task.

In 2015, we initiated a very well received body and wellness program through yoga. We implemented a process to standardize placement of marker clips in all women undergoing lumpectomies, which allows our radiation oncologists to target their therapies. We confirmed that our lymph node biopsy practices in women with breast cancer are concordant with national practice, as is our treatment of men with prostate cancer.

This year, we have added a Psychosocial Distress Screening tool and initiated a formal plan to educate people about survivorship and follow up care.

As always, I am extremely proud of the work done by all of the physicians and associates who care for people with cancer and the many people who have helped bring you this report. We will continue to make a daily impact on our patients’ lives.