Stroke Camp Information

By: Teri and Larry Bobko,

A stroke is a life changing event for the survivor and family members. In an instant, an independent person is forced to accept new limitations and deficits that were not foreseen.  

Larry had his stroke more than 11 years ago on a sunny day in Arizona. After many months of physical therapy and a positive attitude, he made slow, steady progress. He still has physical deficits, but his faith and discipline keep both of us going and living each day to our personal best.

We participate in a Stroke Support Group at Advocate Condell Hospital. We have met many great people who choose to accept and live life to the fullest as well. We share our stories, sometimes we listen to guest speakers and we truly have become a circle of friends who enjoy seeing each other once a month. 

We learn from one another and today I am honored to share information about Retreat and Refresh Stroke Camp. Larry and I have attended 5 camps over the years and I am a true believer in the value of this weekend experience.

Stroke Camps are held in multiple locations. We walked in as strangers on Friday afternoon and left on Sunday filled with hope and joy. We learned we are not alone in this new journey. We were greeted by volunteers, nurses, therapists and, on some weekends, neurologists. 

Some activities we participated in include: music therapy, body massages, hand paraffin treatments, and arts and crafts projects. There were times set aside for educational presentations on nutrition and socialization. Survivors and caregivers had separate times to breakout and talk. 

Meals and lodging are included in the reasonable price; couples had their own rooms and bathroom areas. We had lots of fun relaxing and enjoying the company of new friends. The memories we hold in our hearts and priceless.

For more information on Stroke Camp dates and locations, please visit or call 309-688-5450. 

We are eager for the 2018 calendar to open with weekend dates so we can sign up again!